Hello. My name is Christopher. I opened Sound FX in January of 1991. Before opening the store, I got a 1982 S-10 pick-up and wanted to do some work in it and install a radio. But I wanted to be different, not like everyone else. I wanted to put 6 x 9 speakers in the doors, and a TV in the dash. At the time there was aprox. 15 stereo shops in Tucson, and I went to every single one, but they all thought that my ideas were stupid, and wouldn't do it. They did not want to cut up my dash or doors, all except for one and they quoted me an astronomical amount in the thousands for the stereo and speakers. So I did it myself. It turned out great and it seemed like everyone that seen it wanted something similar, so I started to install myself. Most of my installs included stuff no other shops would touch. After being flooded with work, I realized that I needed employees to help. So I went looking for an establishment to start a business. After a couple of weeks, I had a store, employees, and customers. I was off and running. With my main goal of helping customers who had been turned down by other shops. Our goal was to do what no other shop would do, and still to this day we hold that same ethic. To help customers with what no other shop will do. If you want something done in your vehicle that is original, we will do it.